August 21st, 2006


*Squee* The THINGUS Reborn

Oh, *squee*! I just found out some very, very cool things about my new project with Margaret Weis Productions!

1. It is a mass market paperback publication.

2. It will have a cover by Stephen Youll!

3. It will be officially announced in 4-6 weeks. Then, I can post cover art; announce the project, and my co-author, etc.

4. It should be out sometime in early 2007 - no later that April 2007. (Yes, that's a whole lot of writing in a short amount of time on my part but it is worth it!)

There's more but I can't say right now so, now, the THINGUS has been reborn.

Just like that...

One introduction.
One exchange of business cards.
One exchange of emails.
One NDA signed and mailed.

I am now part of FanPro's group of freelance writers for ShadowRun - one of my favorite game genres.

Just amazing. I didn't think it would ever be so easy.

(Granted, I've been working to this to this point in RPG writing for three years now but still, just amazing.)
Gaming - Critical Failure

Dead iBook...

Well, damn. The iBook I have all my music and most of my pictures on it; the one I use for travel, just up and died on me while I was ripping more music. The CD is stuck inside, the sleep light "breathes" but nothing is turning it back on. Yes, it is plugged into its power cord.

Um... help? Someone? Anyone?

EDIT: Ok, I got it working again. Looks like there is a faulty power connection within the iBook itself.

Ah, well. I've been wanting a new one for a while.