August 4th, 2006


Pictures of my book.

Here is the book cover. I think it is absolutely beautiful!
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I'm sorry it's not of better quality. I have to get the better quality one from the other editor.

Here is a link to the giant map of Castlemourn as created by the talented Sean Macdonald. I wrote all about the different lands you see here.

Edit: The cover image is by Donato who was the Artist GoH at Norwescon this year and is also going to be at guest at Gen Con. I really hope he has the original painting and that it is for sale.

EDIT #2: This cover is not by Donato *sad* - the main book will be by Donato. However, it is still a most excellent cover *happy* and as soon as I get a full name and URL, I will let you all know. Also, I will be contacting the artist about the painting, too.

EDIT #: The cover was done by Gareth Verleyen. The only web presence I can find for him is here. Here is a picture for Castlemourn: Old Stone Fang