July 27th, 2006

Grants Pass

It's off!

Title: Twenty Questions
Word Count: ~ 4800
Synopsis: Sara clicks on a URL in a strange bit of spam email. It leads her to an intriguing game of Twenty Questions with the equally mysterious Attar Enchained. The game becomes increasingly disturbing the more she plays. However, Sara discovers the hard way that some games must be played to their conclusion.

I feel pretty good about this story. Now, on to more writing of "Afternoon Tea," my August TEoP Story. This weekend is going to be all about TEoP and Grants Pass.

As an aside, there's a lot of extra work that goes into managing an anthology. I'm glad I'm doing it because I will never again think bad thoughts about an anthology editor who asks for rewrites or takes more than four weeks to get back to me. However, I have two last stories to read and if I accept the big one, the Submission Phase for Grants Pass will be closed! Woot!

What every writer wants to hear...

RoryC: with as craxy as the past couple of weeks have been for me
RoryC: i finally finished reading all of the teop stories
RoryC: i'd like to let you know, you made me cry.
Jenn/Me: I did?
Jenn/Me: That's AWESOME!
RoryC: i hope you're happy!
Jenn/Me: I still cry when I reread that scene.
RoryC: (because you should be)
Jenn/Me: I -sobbed- as I wrote it.
Jenn/Me: Hot dog. That makes my night. Thanks.
RoryC: you're quite welcome