July 24th, 2006


Success on Twenty Questions!

I was worried. First Non-TEoP story to my 1st Round Reader group in a long time. So far, my 1st Round Reader group seems to like my new story. They have some suggestions and critiques but over all, they like it.

Mom: "Definitely a modern day horror story, but one that kept me reading. It was a fast 13 pages! I like it. I would look for other things to read by this author if I were in a library or book store." Then, she launched into the critiques.

Jim: "Overall, an A for me! I really enjoyed it; it was fresh and original and a [censored for spoilers] was a great twist!" He also had some good suggestions.

I'm going to wait for a couple more critiques, polish, then send it off to markdeniz by this next weekend.
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Ok. I know there are people on my f-list that are good at kanji script. I need the kanji for the following terms and what they actually mean in the kanji. I don't want another "crisis = danger + opportunity" debacle.

The words are:

  • Author
  • Storyteller
  • Creative
  • Imagination
  • Other appropriate kanji along the twin veins of creative writing and telling tales in a positive light.