July 23rd, 2006


MechaFest with Abney Park is TODAY

I will be there, volunteering as Merch-Girl for Abney Park! I will be selling their CDs, t-shirts, etc; lauding the band's virtues; taking cash; and finally seeing them in concert!

If you are local and can't make it and want CDs, I will be able to buy a limited number of them (based on my cash flow). David - I will get you yours. I've already set that money aside. Let me know ASAP. I won't be looking at LJ after 2pm.

The Details
July, 23 2006 at Mecha - Fest | Studio Seven
110 South Horton, Seattle, WA 98134
Cost: $12

Mecha-Fest is July 23rd | Studio Seven | all ages | 4pm-12am | tickets $10 advance or $12 day of.
Featuring Abney park and...
1. Coitus
2. Bell's Theorem
3. Black Pill Book
4. 64K
5. God fearing Nation
6. Uglyhead
7. Mind Altering Substances

This is Abney Park's first Seattle show in almost two years!! Don't miss this one, put it on your calendars now! THEY PLAY AT 6:00!!! For more info: http://www.studioseven.us/
Evocatively me

Seattleites: Tricks for beating the heat

When it comes to the heat, I am damn lucky. My condo is shaded and stays at least 10 degrees cooler than outside. Still, it is bloody hot. (I hope to heck Studio Seven has AC.) Here are a few cooling tricks for at home.

1. Frozen towels. Take a dish towel, wet it, wring it out, fold it and put it in the freezer. Later, you can take it out and drape it over your head and neck. Instant cooling. Make sure to replace the towels as you take them.

2. Bowl of ice and a fan. Most of the homes in this area do not have AC. Try this trick. Get a bowl of ice or a series of frozen water bottles and sit it behind the fan. It will draw the coldness of the ice through the fan and spread it over the room.

3. Frozen bottles of water. I always keep bottles of frozen water in my freezer. It takes up space, making the freezer more efficient. If power goes out, I can transfer some to the frig to keep the perishables cool and you can always take a bottle out and wrap it in a towel and set it on the back of your neck.

4. Hydrate. You really need to remember to drink lots of water in the heat.

5. Get out of the house and go some place with AC - work, movies, the mall, etc...

Too Hot and Too Cool

I'm home.

It was too damn hot. Really. No AC at all. But I didn't pass out.

Meeting up with the Abney Park crew was just too cool. Yes, Robert is just as cute in person. Yes, Robert, I had to say that. We all had dinner afterwards and that was a treat. I got to meet Eve Forward as well and that was just a bonus treat!

David - I have three CDs for you. We can settle up when I see you next.

Despite the heat, I had a LOT of fun.

Many more details tomorrow.