June 27th, 2006

BTiLC Check into a psycho ward

It's going to be one of those days...

Not only do I have a bad case of "sell the condo, give away the cat, pack the car and just GO!" I also have a serious case of "sensual pants." It's all bloody distracting. I really need to hunker down and make sure all is right. My boss comes back from vacation tomorrow to discover the re-org. I'd like to minimize the chaos he's going to face.

Tonight will be dedicated to writing. To do:
  • Kendrick #7 - "The Running Feeling"
  • Ximena log - game write up
  • Abstract Thoughts
  • Big Demons in Little China - more of the crunchy bit props for the game

    All I want to do is walk until whatever is looking for me finds me.