June 19th, 2006

Titanium Battle Spork

Family Dinner

The boiled English dinner at the Nexus last night was yummy. It was a "one pot meal" where you toss all of the ingredients (corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, string beans, and spices) in one pot with water, mix and boil until tender. It was very good.

The desert turned out better than I thought it would. The spotted dick tasted kind of like warm raisin bran. It wasn't bad. The sticky toffee pudding, on the other hand, was amazingly good. I mean, wow! I'm going to have to get it again for sure.

I am really starting to like doing this weekly or every other week home cooked meal with friends. As a single person, I don't eat home cooked meals too often. It's too much work. But, cooking for friends is a lot more fun.
Jenn Mar 2006

The ConQuest Challenge has been made!

baronlaw and I, the lovely Gatita de la Chispa, have decided on our fitness bet for Conquest.

ECM must complete the AFROTC fitness test. This includes:
  • Running 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less.
  • 60 push ups within 2 minutes.
  • 60 sit ups within 2 minutes.
  • 5 pull ups.

    Verification: An independent, unbiased witness before con (Your lovely wife will do if she is willing) or La Gatita witnessing it at con.

    La Gatita must meet the amazing goal of 100+ pounds lost from her highest weight. This means she needs to be 229 lbs or less by Conquest.

    Verification: Her evil scale and photos of that scale.

    1. If ECM wins, La Gatita de la Chispa will buy ECM his favorite bottle of scotch and keep his glass full during the evening.

    2. If La Gatita wins, ECM is to buy her two bottles of Nivole and keep her glass full during the evening.

    3. If Both win, each will buy their own booze and toast each other all night.

    4. If NEITHER wins... Team Volare will determine what the punishment will be if both of us are slackers.

    Just in case you are interested in what I looked like at my highest weight in 2000 just before I broke my leg and made the decision to actively start trying to lose weight.

    My icon is from March 2006.
  • Hidden in Shadows

    Nightwatch Showing!

    Nightwatch will be arriving at my place tomorrow from Netflix. So, when and where do we want to do the showing?

    Nightwatch: This first installment of the trilogy based on the best-selling science fiction novels by Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko plays upon the tension between light and dark, pitting the superhuman Night Watch patrollers (known as the "Others") against the shadowed forces of the night. But the biggest fear of all stems from the lines of an ancient prophecy, which warns of a renegade Other whose betrayal could bring chaos to the land.
    BTiLC Check into a psycho ward

    This is my brain and I love it!

    Jenn/Me: I just had a surreal idea for a short story.
    Jenn/Me: At least the seed of a story.
    benliblit: Ooo ooo ooo!
    benliblit: Tell!
    Jenn/Me: "Why would anyone murder a computerized crash test dummy?"
    benliblit: Ow. I think you just crashed my brain.
    Jenn/Me: Inspired by a TV commerical that had nothing to do with crash test dummies except they were part of the background.
    benliblit: Heh.
    Jenn/Me: But, what came into my mind was this:
    benliblit: The first answer that came to my mind was that someone would do it as a sort of experiment, to test out a technique they were considering using on a human.
    benliblit: But that's too easy.
    Jenn/Me: They (the dummies) really liked that particular car because it kept them safe. What did they need to be kept safe from? I don't know. One of the engineers. An engineer wanted to kill one of them? Yes. They were afraid of him. He was going to murder one of them and they knew it. Why? Why would anyone murder a crash test dummy?
    Jenn/Me: Hmm.
    benliblit: Oh my.
    benliblit: You're a nutter, you know that?
    Jenn/Me: I didn't have that thought. I had the thought that it was to hide "THE TRUTH" from someone.
    Jenn/Me: Yeah. I know. This is my life. These are the things I think about every single day.
    benliblit: Heh. I think this reveals something amusing about your and my temperaments.
    Jenn/Me: At the merc, I met two people with the most marvelous tattoos and my mind spun a story of tattoos dancing from that.
    benliblit: The question is a kind of inkblot.Collapse )