June 13th, 2006


Gen Con Indy

It looks like I am going to Gen Con Indy this year. I'd like to know who else is going and if it is possible for me to hook up with people.

My hotel plans are still tentative and I don't have a place to stay on the night of the 9th. I am looking to firm up these plans as best as possible as soon as possible.

I haven't bought my plane tickets yet either. (Mostly because I haven't figured out which airport to go to and how I'm going to get from the airport to the convention center and back.) I'd like to do that within a week or so.

Yeah. Gen Con Indy virgin here and all twitterpated about it.

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Moody Wench

I'm in a mood. Instead of ranting, I'm meme-ing. Meme taken from many people...

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