June 10th, 2006

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Weird Ass Dream

10 June 2006
Stand Off

I was living with one of my testers, D. Something very bad had happened to me in the past that caused me to lose my memory of what happened and who did it. I was wandering through the house when I came upon a locked room. I picked the lock and walked into find a woman curled up in an open suitcase. She had been hurt. Her face and head looked squished. Suddenly, I knew this is what had happened to me and D had been the culprit.

Just then, there was noise in the hallway and I knew it was D. He would know that I discovered his secret. I had to escape. I climbed out the window and ran for it. I ended up running down to the convenience store where I knew M (my other tester) worked. I ran inside and told him what had happened. He and the three other guys in the store produced guns and promised to protect me.

I called 911. I was connected but put on hold being told if I wasn't "in the middle of dying" I was of low priority. Shortly after that, D showed up with three of his friends. They were armed as well. Everyone knew that everyone else (except me) was armed and I was on the phone to emergency services that was monitoring the situation with vague detachment.

D spoke with M and me for a while, trying to persuade us that he wasn't going to hurt me. That it was OK. I could go home with him. After a while, I got tired of him trying to persuade me and asked him what he did with the body in the suitcase. Everyone reacted to that question - M, the 911 operator, D. Guns came out. I was informed that a police car had been dispatched and would be there soon.


REMINDER: House of Cards at the Nexus on June 11 (Sun) 1pm

The Nexus will host a showing of "House of Cards" starting at 1:30pm. Please arrive by 1pm. Jim will provide snacks (veggie plate and popcorn). Please bring drinks. If you do not know how to get to the Nexus, please email Jim at jim at neroseattle dot com.

What is "House of Cards"? I consider it to be the quintessential vampire primer for anyone who LARPs. It is a BBC four (4) hour mini-series that shows how to manipulate contacts, influences and the like as well as when and how to get your own hands dirty when you must. Other than that, it is damn good show that will have you rooting for the bad guy and enjoy it whenever he wins.

House of Cards Description: Set in Britain's Houses of Parliament, this political satire follows the career of a ruthless MP (Ian Richardson) whose election campaign has been plagued by a number of mysterious deaths. The politician's scheming knows no bounds, and he manages to ensnare a member of the royal family in his quest for power. This series was controversial in Britain for its close depiction of Prince Charles's actual life.