June 8th, 2006

BTiLC Huge Buzz

"... in a constant state of total amazement..."*

As it turns out, the Merc was having some band I'd never heard of play and they only sell memberships on weekends. So, we went to the Vogue and listened to DJ Eternal Darkness spin. I went up to meet him and to request Abney Park (he played The Wrong Side for me). It was a good time.

In other news, my (yet another) new editor on the THING made my head explode this morning. When he asked Will you be at GenCon this year signing copies of your new book alongside [well known co-author]? If so, I'll see you there. *tiny head explodie* Do people really ask to have their game books signed? Holy crap, I have a book coming out! It's a small book and a co-authorship but I have a book... with my name on the cover... coming out! *big head explodie*

So, now, I'm planning on having a chat with my main editor at Sov Press and see if he wants me to go to GenCon to sign my book at the Sov Press booth/table/whatever it is. Of course, I don't actually know when GenCon is or now much it is to attend or if I can get in under the whole vendor umbrella of Sovereign Press and where the heck am I going to stay?

Damn. Lately, I am living in a constant state of total amazement at my life and I love it! Anyone want to make me a "head explodie" icon?

*Lyric from "The Wake" ~Abney Park