May 31st, 2006


Sushi = Good

I'm feeling much better. It is a good thing. I met up with frabjousdave and poetry_lady for sushi at the fabulous Rikki Rikki restaurant. Mmm. Unagi. Dave proved to be the 'nicest bad boy' I have ever met. I'm sorry it took over 2 years to finally meet him. We spent the evening geeking out over movies, gaming talk and other assorted weirdness. (Reminder to Dave: Post those movies you think I will like. I've forgotten them already.) Also, there is a coffee date in the works with Dawn at the new coffee place near/in Soul Food Books' new location. That should be a lot of fun. I need to do coffee with Phoebe soon, too. It's been too long. And dancing with Cherie. Ah, so much life and so little time. If I haven't seen you in a while ping me here and I'll see what I can to about meeting up with you all.