May 29th, 2006



The Sovereign Press THING has been polished, re-polished and sent to my editor. I hope I get to announce what it was soon. I was going to go on to "The Inspiration of Insanity" - my June Edge of Propinquity story but I just don't have the creative energy right now. This cold really sucks a lot. Instead, I prepped the two Guest Quarters stories. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Maybe just sit back and play Oblivion. I don't have to think to do that.

For my LJ friends who live outside the US...

My sister suggested that I should seriously consider spending a chunk of my Writing Year in a foreign/exotic locale. At first, I figured such an idea would be too distracting and/or too expensive. But, now that I think about it, I wonder. It would get the creative juices flowing. Is it possible one of my LJ friends would be willing to take me in for a month or so some time in 2007? If yes, what would it take? Vaccinations? Renew my passport? The ideas are percolating. Volunteers to become my foster home anyone?