April 27th, 2006


Local Band Pimpage, Part 2

The Twain is a local band who just cut their first EP but has played around the area. Their tagline is "Ever heard of waltz rock?" My soon to be ex-coworker jokes that it is actually closer to 6-8 time rock. In any case, much to my surprise, these guys are good. Go take a listen and give feedback.
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Yesterday was an interesting day. It was my last PTO day before I leave for Endeavor. I went to Endeavor to sign paperwork and learn about my new company. I discovered a couple of interesting facts:

1. I have 10 days of PTO in addition to 7 paid holidays. Much better than I was expecting for a contract position.

2. If I want, I can bring a laptop into Endeavor and work there if I don't want to work at my job. Huh? Ok.

3. Usually, they give their employees a laptop for the vendor work. However, my particular job, MS is going to be providing everything for me. That's not the norm for vendor work at MS. It might be due to the interesting nature of the R&D work.

4. Finally, my medical benefits start immediately. 401K and Disability start in 90 days. I was surprised. I don't have to cancel my doctor's appointment for mid-May.

Errand Run
  • Picked up plates from Toyota for Morpheus.
  • Went to the DOL to get my personalized plates... and was denied. I swear, nothing has been easy working with the DOL. Mostly because I don't understand the workings of the DOL. But, I have to mail my personal plates request with a check. Le Sigh. Thwarted.
  • Finally mailed the imp package to naamah_darling. She's been very patient.
  • Stopped by the bank to find out why there was a $25 service change. It was due to the type of account I have and there is a long, long story. Suffice it to say that I got it fixed and had a lovely chat with a cute guy about tattoos in the process.

    Meeting cmpriest: Postponed until Sunday due to her lovely hubby getting a spectacular job at Amazon! Woot and Congrats!

    Valve Software Tour: craigp, I think you would really like it. Very collaborative. Neat set up. Small company feel. GORGEOUS work space. Plus, I got to watch Ron play "Half Life 2: Episode 1" and it was very keen.