April 23rd, 2006

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Cool Thought.

Me: I just had one of those epiphany moments.

Friend: Oh?

Me: I was saving my game in Oblivion to switch over to watching "Jarhead" and the thought came to me that I had spent the morning writing, the afternoon playing video games while eating chips and drinking soda in and around doing laundry in my own house while looking at the new Michael Whelan print I just had framed... I am living the life I dreamed of as a kid.

Friend: So basically, you are in the process of living happily ever after. Cool.

Me: Yeah. Weird, huh?

Friend: Nice that you're aware of it, I guess.

Me: I think so. "The process of living happily ever after..."

Friend: Now you need to dream up a new life for yourself twenty years down the road. And see if you hit that too. Or maybe that life is the same as this one.

Me: It's pretty much the same... but a guy on the couch egging me on as I tackle an Oblivion gate. Then, he answers the phone, "Hey Honey! You just won the Philip K. Dick award" "Again? Cool beans."

Friend: Sweet.

Me: Yeah. That would be pretty sweet. I like it.
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The Letter Meme

From artistic_chaos. The Letter meme where someone assigns you a letter and you list 10 things that were important to that started with that letter (and give a brief explanation) and then people could respond asking for a letter if they wanted.

I asked for a challenge and she responded with "Well, if you want a challenge, do X. If you want, though, you can do V." I chose to do X because I asked for the challenge and got it.

1. X-Chromosome. This is the female sex chromosome. Frankly, I really like being female. Without my two X-chromosomes, I wouldn't be one.

2. X-Rays. X-Rays have helped me much in a medical sense: Told me when I had broken bones and when I didn't. Told me when I had cavities and when I didn't. More immediately, it helps my doctor give me fills and unfills to my lapband.

3. Xerox. Xerox machines are helpful, especially now when I am getting ready to switch jobs. The paperwork is a bit much and I need copies of everything.

4. Xenoliths. Strange or foreign things. I make a habit of looking for the weird and unusual. Especially in mundane circumstances.

5. X-Rating. I'm lumping X-Rated and XXX into one entry. This is important to me because if the forbidden and titillating were not categorized and separated, I probably wouldn't make the money I do/did writing erotica.

6. X. Because "X marks the spot." A classic (cliché) writing gambit involving finding the McGuffin, Treasure, Girl, etc... Being an author, occasionally, this is a fun device to use.

7. X-Coordinate. Mostly because I happen to live in 3-D space and that is often represented by X, Y, and Z coordinates. Also, lumping in with this entry is X as a mathematical representation.

8. Xenobiology. I would like to believe that we are not alone in this universe. When we meet up with our astral neighbors, it might be a good thing for us to know how they work biologically so we don't accidentally hurt one and set off a war.

9. Xenophilia.com - Do I even need an explanation for this particular entry? Come on! What's not to love about this site? Edit: Don't go to this site without a lot of time to wander through it.

10. Xeric Subtype. This is a planetary classification. This links into my "we are not alone" desire/belief. But, turning it around, this is us looking out into space for possible places to live. Xeric Subtype is Gaian Type world in which water covers 10 to 25% of the surface. A continental climate prevails, dominated by arid conditions. Though the poles may be cold, precipitation is rare. The oceans may be quite saline. Life may be common.

11. (Bonus) X where x = ck/k. X is a wonderful short hand for words when IMing. IE: pictures = pix and thanks = thx.