April 19th, 2006

I am not a number!

[Work] The Announcement

Ok. Now that it has been officially announced at work, I feel like I can mention it here. I gave my two week notice to EED on Monday. I will be shifting over to vendor work with Endeavor Consulting. My first job is a long term position at MS in Hardware Innovations working on incubation hardware/software as a Test Lead. It is (a lot) more money, better benefits, interesting work in R&D and a shorter commute (Building 31 for those who know/care). I think this is an excellent change for me. My last day at EED is April 28th. My first day with Endeavor is May 1st. Appropriate, I say.

P.S. No bonus again this quarter. Color me shocked.

From Rob...
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
In contemplating your astrological omens, I'm reminded of Terence McKenna's comment about a friend who "hurled herself into the abyss and discovered that it was a feather bed." If you can summon the courage to dive into the scary depths, Sagittarius, I do believe you'll be pleasantly surprised at the comfy, luxurious digs that await you at the end of your descent. Now go ahead and yell "Geronimo!", which the dictionary defines as an exclamation used to express exhilaration when leaping from a great height.

Yeah. Doing that.