April 12th, 2006



Things to do before heading out to Norwescon:

  • Publish The Edge of Propinquity.
  • Notification of the publishing of TEoP: email and LJ.
  • Pack. (I should have done this yesterday but Oblivion is eating my brain.)
  • Make sure the cat is stocked.
  • Get cash.

    That is it, I think. It doesn't seem too bad over all. The packing might be prickly and I hope to goodness that the TEoP site doesn't decide to give me issues today after work.
  • newlips

    The Edge of Propinquity

    Volume 4, April 2006

    The April volume of the Edge of Propinquity has been published a couple days early because I'm off to Norwescon and I didn't want to try and publish this month's issue in and around all of the craziness of a Sci-fi convention. This month we have a shotgun to the face, a resurrection, a ritual murder and a gruesome discovery. I hope you enjoy the stories we have for you this month.

    Vorare - Long Hunger Moon by Ivan Ewert
    Overwhelmed by the enormity of what he has done, Gordon flees into the woods and spirals out of rational thought, even as his own flesh continues to show signs of supernatural prowess. Denial, confession and flight make up equal parts of his descent into madness until he is found by a band of hunters in the north woods of the American Midwest.

    Hidden City - Quitting by Ryan P. Macklin
    Michael flashes back to the trauma that was his fifth birthday, and wakes up to drowning in a pond. He meets up with a man who offers cigarettes and cryptic wisdom. Meanwhile, T-Bird begins to see the world he stepped into.

    Kendrick - Forgotten School Days by Jennifer Brozek
    A member from the Order of the Sacred Eye calls a Conclave to deal with an attack on the Order by the Master of the City through Karen. While some things are what they seem to be, the Conclave does not go as expected.

    Luminations - Foundation by Rick Silva
    Private investigator Chester Hall looks into the disappearance of a woman twenty five years earlier. But with only a ghost’s whisper leading him into the past, the trail may be too cold for anyone to follow. Even with the help of his detective mentor, Chess may have to declare this case unsolved.

    Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

    Chief Cat Herder
    The Edge of Propinquity