April 11th, 2006

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Anxiety Dream

This was one big fat anxiety dream where I am forgotten about, ignored and made inconsequential by a close friend, then gaming, then a faceless organization and finally by a group of in-your-face strangers. The dream is seamless from one sequence to the next. Guest appearances by baronlaw and strixluna. I should add that I really hate dreams like this one. Collapse )
BTiLC Check into a psycho ward

Now, for something different: Baby Steps...

Stomach: I'm hungry.

Me: You can't be hungry. It's only 11am.

Stomach: Don't care. Hungry. Feed me.

Me: You can wait until normal lunchtime.

Stomach: Screw the clock. Didn't we decide that you were going to start actually listening to me and my needs? Feed me when I tell you I'm hungry. Stop when I tell you I'm full?

Me: Well, yes. We talked about it last night.

Stomach: Great. I'm telling you I'm hungry. Listen to your body.

Me: Um. Ok. But, what will everyone think when I get something to eat at 11am?

Stomach: That you're hungry? Who gives a damn? Feed me.

Me: Ok. Ok. Baby steps and all that. How about some split pea soup?

Stomach: Excellent. Thanks.