April 5th, 2006

Hear Me Purr

Gushing Fan Girl

You all know how I'm really into that "music experience" you get when you hear a song that just grabs you by the hindbrain and says, "Listen to me!" Well, I've had it again and this time, it is a local Tacoma band called Abney Park. Run, don't walk, to their website and take a listen. You won't be sorry. Really. The songs 'Dear Ophelia' and 'Downtrodden' from their "The Death of Tragedy" CD are warring for attention on my mental repeat play when I'm not actually listening to them. To me, Abney Park has a gothic sound with an occasional Arabic flare that just really does it for me. It also doesn't hurt that the band is full of eye candy and the lead singer is pretty hot.