March 22nd, 2006



I have been thinking about perspective, in a literary sense, around the quote that "History is written by the winner." It is making me look back at some of my favorite stories and imagining them from a different point of view. What if the hero really was a bad guy and the history writers just manipulated things in his favor so he was hero? How would that change things? What would the "real" story be like? How would I write certain scenes so they would be intriguing but not immediately recognizable until the middle or end of the story? I may have to write a series of scenes based around this idea. If I did this, what scenes/stories would you like me to take a look at?
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New (to me) Car

I'm thinking about buying a new (to me used) car. I've had my car going on four years and it is five years old. I don't need this new car. I just want one because I want a smaller car. The Saturn 200L Sedan is a nice car but it is a midsized car. I don't do nearly as much driving as I used to do. So, I don't need the bigger car. Because my first car (a Mazda Horizon) was a four door hatchback, that is what I am leaning towards; 2003-2005. The front runners are:

  • Toyota Matrix (Burgundy)
  • PT Cruiser (Black)

    Anyone got opinions on these two cars? Anyone got a good recommendation for other four door hatchbacks?