March 21st, 2006


Earthquakes, Goths and Cats, Oh My!

I have always been sensitive to earthquake tremors. Last night between 11:20 and 11:40pm I felt a series of tremors that started freaking me out because they felt like something was under my bed trying to get out. I got freaked out enough that I got my flashlight out, checked around the bed, considered sleeping with the light on and finally went downstairs to see if Ron could feel the tremors or if I was just insane. Fortunately, he could but thought it was the downstairs washer off kilter. I felt better knowing I wasn't insane.

Goths in the News...

Finally, my cat had a lot to say about me, my parentage, my car and my driving skill this morning. In short, she hates me, the car, my driving and she's sure I'm at least part hellspawn. Yeah. I took her to the groomer this morning. I'm sure she's going to have a lot more to say after they shave her and clip her claws. However, I'm sure she's going to appreciate not hairballing every 2-3 days. I know I'm definitely going to appreciate it.

One Pissed Pussycat

Wow. Esme is a very unhappy cat. She didn't acknowledge me at all at the groomer except not to bite me when I tried to get their towel out of the carrier. Apparently, the towel meant that she had been a "handful" and "a bit wild" for them. Thus, they apparently had to burrito her just to get her back in the carrier.

She gave me a single disgruntled meow that screamed 'Oh, the indignity of this.' on the way home.

As soon as I got her here, I gave her special wet food. Then, catnip. She keeps meowing and rubbing up against me. However, if I knead her neck, which she usually likes, she hisses. I suspect she was scruffed a couple of times. It is obvious from some of the unevenness of her fur that she did not cooperate.

I am going to pay for this for weeks to come. I can just tell.
BTiLC The Needle of Love


One hell of a rant about "Nice Guys" and genuine nice guys. Having been the victim of Nice Guys more than once (I'll tell you about the college Nice Guy sometime) and have been friends with several nice guys, this one hit close to home. Very well written.