March 13th, 2006

Jenn Mar 2006


Ah, yes. New music. I have discovered "Disturbed" and their album "Ten Thousand Fists." I really like the sound they produce. Plus, and this is kind of surprising, their lyrics are amazing - thought provoking and intriguing. Rich, if you haven't heard these guys (and I'm sure you have), you should give them a listen.

Oh, I am reminded. Shane - the lyrics to "The Sinner In Me" are below the cut. I really do think it would be a good theme song for Alberto.

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Mother Bear

Dear Dickweed,

Insult me and I'll take it, hide or cry. Insult or hurt one of mine and I will fucking bury you. You really fucked up yesterday and hurt two of mine. I'm not letting this slide. Not in the least. We are all volunteers here. Having a position of responsibility does not give ANYONE the right to belittle or insult those in a lesser position of responsibility. Period. End of story. Feel free to confront me about this anytime you wish. I'll be waiting.

I hope you get hit by a bus,
Jenn in "Momma Bear" mode

It is safe to say all sorts of cages are being rattled all the way up the chain. I am pissed.