February 12th, 2006



I feel very accomplished. Laundry is done. Bills are paid. The February TEoP stories are all prepped for publication on Tuesday night and I've completed the first draft of my March TEoP story called "Arbiter." It's sitting at 4800 words. I'll let it sit this week and polish it next week before sending it off to the 1st round readers. I'm still waiting for stuff to come back for Sanguine Six and my research for the new novel continues. I think I can safely say I've earned my coffee this afternoon.
La Gatita del Chispa Nice

About a bet...

I have a bit of an announcement.


*ahem* Sorry. Just a wee bit excited. I did it. I made my weight goal with four days and one pound to spare!

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I want to thank everyone who made a silly motivational bet with me. Without you, I don't know if I would have made it.

artistic_chaos: See you in March!
artname: You get to keep your checkbook closed. But, if you choose to donate to a cause I believe in Furry Friends Rescue is my top choice.
monicat: We'll share that bottle of Reisling sometime.
ivan23: I'm looking forward to reading that poem to me.
manictao: You will look fine in your Bishop coat fetching me beer!
macklinr: Ah, my friend, you have lost the bet and I sincerely say that your bet with me was one of the most motivating of all. Thank you. I will appreciate every one of those thousand words dedicated to my wonderfulness.