February 2nd, 2006


1, 2, 3, 4...

I keep forgetting to do my brags. From now on, if it is good, consider it a brag. I'll try to remember to tag my brags more often.

1. I got cute "Thank You" cards from my nieces for all of the school stuff I bought for them.

2. My mortgage refinance has gone all the way through, finally! I've never seen my bank account look bigger. Too bad 97% of is going to pay off the special assessment tomorrow.

3. I've finished my first draft of "Eye of the Engraving" for the Edge of Propinquity. It's 3400 words long. It was a really good writing week for me. It will be more by the time I'm done polishing it for Sunday's due date. (Yes. I know it's the Superbowl. I know the Seahawks are in the Superbowl. I really don't care. I'm going out for sushi with friends!)

4. This weekend, I get to do a test run of the Edge of Propinquity business cards that fullcontactmuse designed.
BTiLC The Needle of Love

My Fu is Lacking

I'm hungry and distraught.

I have had the worst Dinner-Fu lately. Last week, I spent 45 minutes at Red Robin waiting for a dinner date that wasn't until this week. Just now, I spent 30 minutes sitting at a friend's darkened house, certain I was supposed to be there. Most likely, I managed to fuck up the date/time somehow. Though, I'm not sure how. He did say Thursday, 6:30pm and I was bringing DVDs. With my luck, its supposed to be next week.

First, it was bad Coffee-Fu with Phoebe. Now it's bad Dinner-Fu with just about everyone. I'm feeling generally stupid and very unloved right now. I don't even have any chocolate or alcohol in the house to drown my self pity in.


EDIT: Patrick got stuck at work. Release date tomorrow and everything broke. He's calling me tomorrow.
Jenn with flowers


I'm almost in tears. Phoebe left this for me in the previous post - "You know what I hear is really good for PMS? Walking down the stairs from your condo." So I did and found a gift bag of wine and chocolate. Reisling and Lindor Truffles! The last time I remember someone being so nice to me is when Johanna brought me the "Get Well" bunny. So, me and my roomie are enjoying the wine. I'm not sharing the chocolate.