January 28th, 2006

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

I'm Back.

My trip down the Rabbit Hole was successful, I see. Perhaps, a bit too successful despite my round about way of announcing in my first post of the day that everything I was going to post was fictional. I suppose that comes from taking something that has truth and adding a little white lie to it. The best fictions are the ones that start with non-fiction.

For the record, I do see "shadow people" and no, I was not almost run over by a car yesterday. I see them all year round. Mostly at sunrise and sunset when it is twilight and angles look strange. I have seen them at other times. Mostly outside. Occasionally inside. The inside ones usually startled the crap out of me if I'm in my home. Most of my friends KNOW how territorial I am. I have an innate sense of knowing when people are in my home and when they aren't.

Despite fooling some of you, I hope you all enjoyed my little story.