January 25th, 2006

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Dream Muse

This is why I like my brain and my friends. Recently, I had a dream (that I forgot to post) about me talking to me about a story idea. It seemed interesting but there wasn't a real plot to it. Just story elements. A short conversation with fullcontactmuse (who is becoming a really good sounding board for me) brought it all together with one of his suggestions. Suddenly, I have a (non-Kendrick) short story idea that will cover all of the elements I dreamt of and, since waking, have thought of. Who knows, this story may become the second story based on one of my dreams to be published.

EDIT: Dammit. Now, all I want to do is leave work and write this short story. It's practically bursting out of me and making it bloody hard to concentrate on the specification we are reviewing in an hour. Plus, I'm not supposed to write anything but my February TEoP story until February. *ARGH* Must... write... right... now!

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