January 23rd, 2006


Free Stuff!

I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend. I have found the new dish set and silverware set that I want to buy. That means I need to get rid of my old stuff. It's not real pretty but it is serviceable and (I believe) the whole set (service for 8) is there for the dish set. No such guarantee for the silverware. This means I have plates, little plates, bowls, coffee cup and coffee cup plates to give away. Also, there are an unknown number of silverware pieces to give away. You need to come and take it. I'll deliver in special cases. If you are interested, let me know.
BTiLC Huge Buzz

The Grind!

I'm in *squee* mode. It looks like Wetspot members are now allowed to guest people into the Grind. So, it looks like I'm going to the Grind on Thursday night and I should be able to see a good cross section of members. I've been hoping for something like this.

Of course, now, I'm totally spazzing about what to wear. Should I go very casual and wallflowerish in plain black because I'm just gonna people watch? Or stompy dancing black in case I dance? Or total Victorian garb to make my presence known but not playable? Or something very skimpy just cause? I don't know. I'm currently leaning towards Victorian. I don't plan to play with anyone and I don't know if I will be dancing at all.

So, who else is going this Thursday night?