January 22nd, 2006


Caring Friends

Well, if I ever go missing, at least I know people will immediately notice because I am so responsible, predictable and never, ever, ever late. I kicked my Arcana Evolved game out the door early because I had a bad headache. I left a message on the Crimson Dawn board that I was not going to make it then went for a nap. That was about 5:15pm. When I woke up at 7pmish, I had 3 missed calls and one message from Shane asking me if I was OK because I wasn't at game and I'm never late and to call him to tell him I'm not dead.

At 7pm, I still had a bad headache and was very cranky over all this checking up on me. I called Rory and very grumpily informed him I was just fine but in pain and I wasn't going to the game. This morning, when the pain was gone, the whole situation made me smile. My friends love me and notice when I'm not there.