January 15th, 2006


The Edge of Propinquity

I would like to announce the premiere of my new webzine: Edge of Propinquity.

Propinquity - 1: nearness of blood: Kinship. 2: nearness in place or time: Proximity.

The Edge of Propinquity is a series of short stories from four different authors in four difference universes exploring the world that lurks just beneath the surface of everyday life. It is the world of the unexplained, supernatural, magic, horror, duty, responsibility, black humor, conspiracy, unknown heritage and power.

Volume 1 of the Edge of Propinquity is up and running. We have an excellent set of stories to entertain you with. I hope you enjoy them.


Sunday weigh in: 12 pounds and 4.5 weeks to go! Woot! I just have to keep going as I am to make it!

TEoP, Volume 1 is published and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Only one editorial freak out, too. It's wasn't a pleasant sight. I think I scared Ryan and Rory got to hear my blistering vents. I cuss a lot more when I'm freaking out. I suspect the now published submission guidelines will help prevent future freak outs.

Unpleasantness on the horizon for my brother. He and I don't always get along but he is my brother and I will support him in this upcoming messiness.


I finally gave into my lust for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's perfumed oil and bought more stuff. First, a 5ml bottle of "Black Phoenix" which smells so yummy. It always makes me feel incredibly sexy. Also, I bought the following imps to try out: Bastet, Blood Amber, Come to Me, Eclipse, Haunted, Hellcat, Juliet, Séance, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, The Lady of Shalott, Verdandi, and Wicked.