January 10th, 2006



Recently, I've been besieged with recruiters wanting me to interview for various high-level QA positions. However, 95% of them are out of state and contract positions. North Carolina (Below the bible belt? Not!), New York (With muggy summers? No.), California (They couldn't pay me enough with the cost of living there). What, on God's green earth, makes these people think I would be willing to relocate for a temporary position? To Oakland, California, no less? Besides, who the hell hires a QA Manager for six months? What is up with that?

Plot Fodder!

Is this game/plot fodder or what?! From John: I have this very unusual thing which might be something you may be interested in. Its a massive scrapbook (and old wallpaper salesman sample book was used) containing newspaper accounts of the unusual, odd collections, strange facts, etc. The scrapbook is hand labeled as a "Hobbies and Oddities This Hobby Book for Dexter started Nov. 29th 1950 at Evelyns Canyon California by Mother." The thing is massive and I would need a day to put together a box for it.-measures 18.5" wide 20.5" tall and 2" thick. Its very big and an odd assortment of strange material. -I have never seen anything like it. I have no idea of a value to the thing and normally would not carry something like this-but it came with a collection of books I picked up a few months back. If you are interested or just plain curious I can send you a few pictures of the thing. (I wonder if Dexter is still alive?!)

Oh, heck ya, I want to see it and know what he might sell it for. Since I just bought some books from him, he might give me a good deal on it. Who knows, this might be my new coffee table book. Heh. I am such a gamer/author geek.