January 6th, 2006

Titanium Battle Spork

"So, it's random acts of violence... or a mocha?"

"So, it's random acts of violence... or a mocha?"
"That should be on a t-shirt."

That was a part of a conversation between me and my fabu IT guy John while we were getting mochas this morning after I was explaining that I was in a really foul mood and it was lucky that I had not killed anyone yet. I was settling for a mocha instead. (Reminds me a little bit of Eddie Izzard's 'Death or Cake?' routine.)

However, the universe is doing its best to yank me out of this horribly grumpy mood:

  • I got my mocha. It is nummy.
  • All of my January TEoP stories are in on time! I have the best collaborators! (Brag!) Thus, I have time to actually read them over and prep them for the first issue. I'm very excited.
  • The heater core for my car did arrive. So, they will be able to fix my car today. Not the carpet. That will be later in the week. Still, I will have my car back for the weekend. I'm feeling much better about it.
  • It's payday!

    Oh, yeah. Warning to everyone: My moods are all over the place. From *stabbity* to *cuddly* to *killmaimdestroy* to *loveme?* in about a five minute period of time. Sounds a lot like my cat. I apologize in advance if I snap at you.
  • La Gatita del Chispa

    M&M Moment

    My co-worker almost got himself killed just now. I needed M&Ms. When I say "need" here, I mean it. People's lives depended on me getting my chocolate fix RIGHT NOW.

    With M&Ms, I like to sort them by color. Then, eat them by color. Blue, then orange then yellow then red, then brown, then green. That's the way I eat my M&Ms. Don't mess with me when I'm eating my M&Ms. Especially don't mess with me about the way I eat my M&Ms. You have been warned.

    My coworker walked by, "Skittles?"


    "You sorted them."


    "You know they all taste the same, don't you?"

    *glare of doom* "No. They don't."

    "Oh. Oh! Ok. No. They don't. You win."

    He scurried away after that and I continued to eat the blue M&Ms. *Hmph* Everyone knows that green M&Ms taste the best. That's why I eat them last.
    C&A Ass kicking Jenn

    I want more M&Ms.

    Ah, the Universe, she loves me but not today.

    9am - Called Saturn. Get my car back today with the heater core but not the carpets.

    10am - Called back by Saturn, the carpet had been sent overnight, all of it would be done today.

    4pm - Called back by Saturn again...they broke a bolt removing the seat. Had to send the car to the auto body shop. Told them, not worry about the carpet, it has to be replaced anyway. They ripped out ALL the carpet. Not just the front. So, I now get new carpet front and back but only pay for front but the bolt isn't fixed and they don't have enough carpet. They have to keep my car until Tuesday. They have been really nice about it all but, *Le Sigh*.

    For the record, I'm grumpy again but not in a killing rage because I remembered, like Lori, if my bloodsugar gets too low (especially right now), things get bad. So, I had a serving of triscuits. It helped a lot but I'm still going to have to walk to my dentist appointment on Monday morning.