January 3rd, 2006

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I keep forgetting to do my brags. Sorry about that. Here's some from the past couple of days.

1. Not only did I not have to struggle to get my seatbelt closed on the airplane, I was able to use the first class table without my tummy bunching up against it.

2. I have my room for DDC settled! I'm pretty happy about this one. I'll be sharing with Vulpin.

3. From August 1st to December 31st, I have read 29 novels. Much better than the less than 20 in the whole previous year.

4. I am wearing the smiling skull and crossbones pendant that Cil made as a test subject then gave to me because I liked it. It looks really cute.

5. I am not panicking over the fact that my January TEoP story is due in two days. Really. See, this is me not panicking.

Your turn!

Snippet about the new aquisition...

This is about this book: "THE SPIRIT LAND", by S. B. Emmons.

GaanEden: Ye Cats! This bookseller did not mess around. In my comments when I paid for my now oldest occult book (printed in 1859), I said, "Please make sure the packaging is waterproof. It has been raining a lot here lately." OMG! This guy took my words to heart. It was wrapped in:
GaanEden: 1. ALL tape.
GaanEden: 2. A box.
GaanEden: 3. Newspaper.
GaanEden: 4. Another box
rsilva444: Cool!
GaanEden: 5. More newspaper
GaanEden: 6. Not one but three plastic bags: 2 grocery store and one garbage bag.
rsilva444: Wow. That is impressive.
GaanEden: Note: each layer was completely taped to the gills with tape.
GaanEden: But, wow, it is a really nice book and I can just feel the age on it. It is the first antique occult book that makes me think, "Huh, I really do need an enclosed, protected bookcase for these books."
rsilva444: Was the package also magically warded against water?
GaanEden: I don't know but, damn, it was taped to death and packaged for something very fragile... which, actually, this book is. The seller did a good deal here.

I really need want some sort of "book collector" icon. Maybe something like Johnny Depp's character from The Ninth Gate with an appropriate comment? *peeks at dancingshaman*