December 30th, 2005


Authors Meme - 2005 Scorecard

Meme from cmpriest.

Novel words written:
  • Grants Pass anthology: 42,000K collected, 4000 written
  • Regressor's Evolution: 5000 new words
  • Holy Order of the Stars: 14000 contributed (published)
  • Legends of the Twins: 12000 contributed (to be published in 2006)

    Short story words written: No Clue. I'm guessing around 30,000.

    New stories written: 11
  • The Komatsu
  • Kendrick's Lady
  • Dick's Muse
  • The Chateau de Mons
  • Obligations
  • Story End: Epiphany
  • Story End: Lost Hope
  • Story End: Running
  • Story End: Target Acquired
  • Story End: The Locked Mirror
  • Gamer Girl Evolution (Essay)

    Existing stories revised: 1
  • Dark Epiphany

    Short story submissions sent: 19
  • Responses received: 18
  • Acceptances: 6
  • Rejections: 12
  • Other responses: N/A
  • Awaiting response: 1

    Short stories published: None yet. 6 pending
  • 1 - Peridot Books
  • 5 - Tricks, Tigers & Traps: Tales of Sinister Fates

    Awards: None yet though I did get a good review of Holy Orders
  • Major award nominations: 0
  • Minor award nominations: 0
  • Awards won: 0

    Novel work:
  • Full edit of Regresser's Evolution
  • Edit and written work on Grants Pass
  • Completed contributor work on Holy Order of the Stars and Legends of the Twins

    Novel editing hours: Approximately 200 (I guess).
  • Novels submitted: 1 - To final Reader group
  • Novels awaiting response: 0
  • Proposals awaiting response: 0

    Articles written: 6
  • 1 - Blackgate Magazine (pending)
  • 5 - Savvy Inside (published)

    Upcoming for 2006:
  • Submit proposal for Regresser's Evolution (Novel)
  • Submit proposal for Grants Pass (Anthology)
  • Monthly stories for The Edge of Propinquity (Webzine)
  • Contributor for Dragonvarld RPG (Sovereign Press)
  • Work on TTF (Anthology - Maybe)
  • Complete six new non-TEoP short stories
  • Everything else I don't remember or haven't planned

    For the record, I think this whole thing counts as a brag.
  • I am not a number!

    SQL Query Question

    OK. For you smart people who do SQL queries. I want to do a while loop to insert 1000 rows into the DB, one row at a time. I was figuring on doing the classic:

    While (i < 1000)
    Insert Statement

    However, I can't figure out how to do the i=0 and the i++ in a SQL query correctly.
    Impossibly geeky

    WOOO! Legends of the Twins

    From my editor...

    Hey Jenn,

    Just wanted to let you know that Legends of the Twins is out in PDF form.
    The physical book is at the printer and should be out by the end of January.

    I also wanted to share a quote from someone on the
    message board about the book:

    "you should see some of the people that are "on the other side" in some of
    these alternate universes. I really like the Age of Magic."

    Thought you might like to see this. :-)

    Yes. I wrote the Age of Magic alternate Krynn.