December 24th, 2005

C & A Jenn Relaxed


It's been a very relaxing day. I slept late, went to the lake and did some editing. After editing "Gamer Girl Evolution" for "She's Such a Geek," (Yes, I'm still avoiding my TEoP story.) I got the urge to play with music. I ripped the CDs I've recently received then updated my Singles (a single song from an artist that I really like) and Stalker (songs that sound like they belong to stalkers or victims of stalkers based on the lyrics) play lists. Finally, I created a new play list called "Angry White Boys" that has songs from Linkin Park, Nickelback, NIN, Seether, Staind and Trapt. The name really amuses me but I like the music I added to it. It's one of my smaller play lists. I really want to get a CD burner for my iBook so I can burn some of these play lists to CD for my car.