December 22nd, 2005

C & A Jenn Relaxed

ICONS! And a story.

This tells you something about the testers I work with. While in the weekly Tester meeting, Dan and I presented the first of a series of white papers for test. This first one pretty much was the Software Test Engineer mission statement. During the presentation, I said, "Test is like the nose tackle for the software department. If a bug makes it into production, do they blame the people who designed the product? No. Do they blame the people who coded the product? No. They blame the test department for not catching the bug. That's one of the reasons it is so important for our group to have a set of quality standards."

A tester raises his hand, "Uh... I'm going to assume that was a sports relative reference?"

I looked around at all the blank faces and sighed. "Yes. It was football. The nose tackle is the guy who stands in front of the quarterback and gets squished by the opposing team while protecting the quarterback."

"Oh. Ok. That makes more sense. The quarterback is the PMs in this case?"


Another tester pips up, "Damn primadonnas."

Yeah. That's my test team. I like them.

So all that was just so I could show you my Casey & Andy Jenn icons.

I made this one. Just general C&A Jenn.

rosefox made this one. It's for when someone needs a buttkicking.

, ,
jenk made these. The first one I am calling "Relaxed." The second is just "MMMM" for "MMMM" posts and the last is for *ahem* posts.
Evocatively me

That's it. It's all going!

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