December 19th, 2005



It was pointed out to me just now that next Sunday is Christmas and I have absolutely no plans. What is everyone else doing?
BTiLC The Needle of Love


Good Delivery: alypius754! I got your homemade chocolates. Unfortunately, it looks like someone dropkicked the box a few dozen times. However, the chocolates are still very tasty, if a bit worse for wear.

Bad Delivery: I am a bit miffed by this one.


I just received my ebay purchase from you. However, it was not the DVD I bought. I bought "The Quiet Earth" and received "Private Resort" instead. This is a movie I have absolutely no interest in. I really would like "The Quiet Earth." What do you want to do about this? I am a bit upset by this as it was supposed to be a holiday gift for someone special.

Thank you,
Ebay item: 6462429507