December 10th, 2005

Phantom Touched by an Angel

Not Dead Yet

I had a damn good time at the Merc last night. When I mentioned my birthday to the bartender, Chris, he gave me a double on the house and told me all my water was free for the evening. Leigh-Ann and I both got hit on hardcore. "I really need to find a woman with tits as beautiful as yours." "Yeah? They come with the corset. It's fully boned." "I'm so not touching that as much as I'd like to." So, suddenly, Leigh Ann was my girlfriend and I asked Misty to act possessive. It worked. :)

Of course, a bunch of people from work in Production were at the Merc last night. One girl, it was her birthday, too. She got very ill during the night. A couple of the other guys (all gamers) came over and chatted. Seemed surprised I already knew who they were due to the talks about various LARPs. I wonder what they are going gossiping about on Monday after the little show Leigh Ann and I put on.

I was also blessed with an extremely hot sex dream last night involving a friend of mine whom I really am attracted to. I won't embarrass him by mentioning his name because while he doesn't read my LJ, lots of his friends do. I'm going to have to think up a good pseudonym for him.

I've had Depeche Mode's "Macrovision" going through my head all morning. Makes me feel like I'm still at the club. (Only a minimum of putting the head back together this morning.) It compliments the hot dream I had last night.

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Penny for your thoughts

Penny, the male Maine Coon, is here now. He is only a year old and has not been neutered yet. That, along with getting him FIV and Feline Leukemia shots, is at the top of my list to do for this gorgeous boy. Apparently, the shots weren't required in Texas where the owner is from and Penny waited seven months on a waiting list for being fixed. The owner moved here before that happened. I'll be calling the King County Animal Shelter on Monday afternoon to set up the appointment. Fortunately, as we are out of kitten season, they should have more openings. I'll be getting pictures of him soon.

Yes. Esme is having a hissy fit over it all.