November 28th, 2005


Jury Duty

Tomorrow, I'm being questioned for the trial I've been put in the pool for. There are many reasons I don't want to do this trial. Really don't want to do it.

1. It's a messy sounding kidnap/rape trial. That in and of itself is unpleasant. I'm really afraid I'm going to be exactly what they are looking for. (IE: Been a victim of a crime versus not real happy with the legal system. You know, something for everyone. That's how I ended up on the last case I was on.)

2. If picked, this trial is scheduled to go on until December 16th. I only get my full wage for five days of jury duty. Livable but unpleasant. I have to find out if I get reduce wage after that or if it just unpaid.

3. The commute to and from Kent sucks. But, this can be alleviated by audio books.

4. I won't be able to talk about it or anything related to it while the trial is going on.

Unfortunately, the "don't wanna" is for all emotional reasons. There isn't a just cause for me to get out of it. Damn me and my sense of civic duty. By the way, don't tell me to lie to get out of it. I have my standards and lying to a court of law is well below that. I'm hoping they get their 12 before they get to me or one of them freaks because I work for a company that makes software for lawyers.
Grants Pass

Excellent eschatologists!

rsilva444: Hi Jenn! *hugs*
GaanEden: Hey
rsilva444: Have you read those Kim Stanley Robinson books I mentioned in my LJ?
GaanEden: No.
rsilva444: If I get the first one I'll let you know how it is. (More end-of-world! more fun!)
GaanEden: Thanks hon.
rsilva444: No problem. I've got this programming in the back of my head that immediately makes me think of you when I see anything apocalyptic. :-)
GaanEden: You know, you're not the only one and I really like it.
rsilva444: We're like your little armageddon-scouts. :-)
GaanEden: Oh, that's just too cool! I may have to blog that.
rsilva444: (Ragnorak-rangers?)
GaanEden: Excellent eschatologists!
GaanEden: Eden's eschatologists?
rsilva444: *giggles*
GaanEden: Thanks for making me smile. I've been moping over the whole jury duty thing. Though, I wonder if I should be worried that I'm happy that people think of me when they see anything apocalyptic.
rsilva444: Have you read "Moonseed" by Stephen Baxter?
GaanEden: No...
rsilva444: That one has a rather unique mechanism for doing in the Earth.
GaanEden: Hmm?
rsilva444: Samples of moon-rock are found to contain alien nanobots that eat bedrock.
GaanEden: I like it. You know, maybe I should just have people send me their favorite End of the World novels.
rsilva444: *tries to think of any more I have lying around*
GaanEden: Hehehe. That would be cool.