November 25th, 2005


Nuts & Bolts - TTF

I'm screwed. Last night, I had one of those brilliant writing project ideas. You know, one of those that had me dancing in the aisles because it's so cool but weeping in despair because I don't have time for yet another writing project. At least, not one that would be a minimum of 80,000 words in the first mental incarnation. Then, broken into two projects would be a minimum of 45,000 words and up to as much as 110,000 words for the first project and I don't even want to think about the possible word count on the second project, that on retrospect, could actually be broken into four projects.

Well, for now, I will refer to this possible project as TTF. It fits well with the other letters: RE, TEoP, GP and Kendrick.