November 16th, 2005



I just slept for almost 14 hours straight. I'm feeling a better. I think I called Rory sometime this morning to tell him I'm not coming in. I hope I didn't just dream it. The phone was in my bed this morning. I don't remember getting it or actually calling anyone but the log says I did.

Now, I want coffee when I know, if I'm going to drag my happy ass out of the house, I should go get a coldbuster from Jamba Juice. Maybe I should do both and put the coldbuster in the fridge. Of course, it does mean getting myself to a point where I could leave the house.

I almost feel like pulling a Hans and imperiously demanding warm cookies and a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. However, I don't think he got his warm cookies.
C&A Ass kicking Jenn

Insomnia sucks

So, I've been thinking about hot toddies AKA hot buttered rum. I know I can get a good rumbutter batter at Trader Joe's but as I recall at the last 365 party I was at, I do not want to use "cheap rum" as it is plain nasty in such a drink. I remember we ended up using "good" rum and the drinks were very tasty. The problem is the small fact that I have no idea what good rum is versus bad rum. Would someone give me a clue or two as to what brands to buy? I figure a good hot toddy might be the cure to my insomnia on nights like these. If not, they sure are yummy treats and if I have to be up because my mind/body refuse to sleep, might as well enjoy it.