November 11th, 2005

BTiLC I can help you

Properly Motivated

I think I can say I have several properly motivating bets to help me reach my goal weight by DundraCon 2006 (aka 16 February 2006).

Win: She comes to visits me.
Lose: She comes to visit me and I pay for the plane ticket.

Win: The Tango Dancer of Death will serve me (and me alone) alcohol for an hour at DDC, wearing his Bishop coat. Yes. El Grimm Fandango is putting himself on the line for this.
Lose: I shall serve him (and him alone) alcohol for an hour at DDC. He has not specified if I need to wear anything in particular.

The challenge was delivered with much style and wit after a quick conversation. The loser must write a 1000+ word epic poem on the wonderfulness of the winner, due by the end of February 2006, to be posted in their LJ and this much not interfere in TEoP (as we are both authors for it). I am looking forward to hearing about the wonderfulness of me from Ryan's POV.

The loser must provide a bottle of good Riesling to share with the winner.