November 4th, 2005

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Screwy Dream

Brother-in-Law - My brother-in-law is after me to do horrible things to me. I flee to a friend's home who helps me by keeping all of us in the dark. Appearances by theonlyruth and fullcontactmuse. (NOTES: My BIL is an extremely sweet man. I have never had any problem with him at all. I'm not sure why he would be the bad guy in this. Also, I don't really know Ruth. I've met her once in a LARP at a convention. She seemed like a neat lass but I don't know her well enough to trust her with my life. Though, in the dream, we seemed to be best buds.)

EDIT: After chatting about the dream with Rory, I've figured out what it is all about. It's amusing to me now that I know what my mind is working though and the visual cues it was giving me.

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