November 3rd, 2005

Grants Pass

Calling All Authors

Yes, as I have given myself the task of doing the final polish on Regresser's Evolution and I'm actually doing it, I want to work on ANYTHING but RE. So far, I wrote another story for Grants Pass about an American in Europe who is unable to go to Grants Pass because of the ocean. I don't have any other stories based in other countries and wanted at least one. (Hint.) Nor do I have any stories from the POV of a bad guy type who either wants to stop people from going to Grants Pass or is going with the express idea of taking over. (Hint.) In any case, that story will sit for a couple more days before a polish and sending it out to my 1st Round Readers Group.

I digress. Man, I'm scattered right now. I have an idea for a webzine based around the idea of "The Edge of Propinquity."

Propinquity means:
1: nearness of blood: KINSHIP.
2: nearness in place or time: PROXIMITY.

I'm looking for 3-4 other authors who would be willing to provide new content to the site once a month for a year. I have a specific idea of what I'm looking for in this project. If you think you would be interested let me know in comment, email or IM.