October 12th, 2005

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"Grab and Run" Bag

Here's a mental exercise I played around with this morning on the way to work. I want to create a "Grab and Run" emergency bag. There are many reasons to have such an emergency bag packed and ready to go: natural disaster, evacuation, invasion, eyewitness to a mob murder, etc... Whatever the reason, you have seconds to grab a pre-packed bag and go. What is in this bag may mean the difference between survival/escape/success and death/capture/defeat. You -might- have time to grab your purse or wallet.

Here's my question: What do you put in your "Grab and Run" bag and does it differ if it is stored in your house or your car? If yes, how does it differ?

Here is what I thought about putting in my bag:
1. Clothing: jeans, 2 shirts, socks, under things and sneakers
2. Money: At least $100 in small bills
3. Copy of my birth certificate
4. Small address book of addresses and phone numbers of people I trust
5. Copy of local public transportation routes
6. Small flashlight with extra set of batteries
7. Swiss army knife or Leatherman tool
8. A disposable lighter
9. 16 oz bottle of water
10. A couple packages of trail mix type food

Am I missing something? I feel like I am. Also, I'm thinking of putting this stuff in a backpack type back.