October 11th, 2005

C & A Jenn

Well... Imagine that. I'm me.

Jenn voluntarily gets a speed ticket by Quantum Cop
You're Jenn, the hapless neighbor of two agents of
disaster. Whether you're woken up when they're
playing Highlander on your roof or you're
falling through a portal to hell accidentally
opened underneath your feet, you're the
recipient of a lot of abuse and as a result
grumpy most of the time. Luckily, your wit and
sheer coincidence see you through every time.
You have a huge crush on the most
intellectually gifted man ever - unfortunately,
his smarts fall short in the domain of
relationships and you thus spend much time
trying to get his attention.

Test-o-mat! Which character from Casey & Andy are you?
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Grants Pass


I just worked out my Grants Pass stats and I'm startled to learn that I am half way there on the minimum word count I want for this anthology. Woot! Half way there for this on-a-whim project of mine. It's really starting to come together. Neat! Hey, cmpriest or frabjousdave, got any other spec fic writer friends interested in writing for me? *cute kitten eyes*