September 29th, 2005

BTiLC Crackerjack Timing

Housing market in my neighborhood

Now that the siding/windows/etc... construction is done, a bunch of people are selling in my condo complex. First, I started hearing about 3bed/2baths listing at $244K and $248K. Those were sold and off the market in a week. Now, there is a 3bed/2bath 1350 sq ft in the next court over being listed at $278K. My condo is 3bed/2bath, 1400 sq ft. I bought it two years ago for $200K. Interesting, yes? My next door (as in, same building, same level) neighbors are moving out and going to sell their place. I've recommended them to my fabulous real estate guy who told me the longer I hold onto the condo, the more I will be able to sell it for. I wonder how much the condo next to me is going to go for. I guess living three miles from the main MS campus does have its perks.