August 22nd, 2005

Phantom Touched by an Angel

I'm just saying...

There is nothing like going out for dinner with five gay men and one straight woman to get everyone looking at your group. We had a very good time last night. I even taught the bartender how to make a Vampire's Kiss.

For Crimson Dawn Players

Since I already have a soundtrack for Ximena, I have been thinking of putting together a Crimson Dawn soundtrack. If you are interested in participating, I would like people to give me the following:
- A personal character song.
- A song expressing the relationship between your character and at least one other character.
- Your thoughts for the Crimson Dawn theme song (which I will talk to the GMs about).

Example: Ximena Harker
- Personal song: "Cartouche" by Blackmore's Night.
- Love song from Ximena to Percy: "Before the Dawn" by Evanescence.
- Crimson Dawn theme: Opening theme from Indian Jones.

If I don't already have the MP3, I'll need you to get a copy of it to me. When I am done gathering all of the songs from everyone, I will burn MP3 CDs for everyone who wants one. I will also consider burning regular audio CDs on a limited basis.

Birthday Dinner!

Thursday is the fabulous sylvan's birthday. We will be celebrating it Thursday night, the 25th, at Todai's at the Redmond Town Center. We (Me, Jim and Leigh-Ann) will be there at 6pm and everyone is invited. If you plan to attend, please ping me and let me know so we can get a big enough table.