August 10th, 2005

profile - cameo

That's it.

Alright! Not more f*cking disasters allowed! Not for at least a week.

In the last week I have:
  • ... had two friends tell me of having suicidal thoughts in the last month.
  • ... had another friend lose their job.
  • ... had another friend confide that they want to get a divorce.

    Tonight, I have:
  • ... threatened to tell the wife of one married man of his infidelity if he didn't stop hurting my friend.
  • ... told a friend to stop putting themselves in to a self defeating spiral of unworthiness.
  • ... had another friend become furious at me because I did exactly what they wanted me to do and now that I've done it, I will not back down.
  • ... lit a candle for the mother of one of my best friends, praying to the Divine that she finally pass away in peace and without pain.

    That's it. I can't do any more. My patience is running thin and my tact filter is full.

    Edit: I've called a friend to come over so I can have someone's shoulder to lean on for a little bit.