June 24th, 2005


Mountain View and Dana Street

I'm still alive and happy!

I'm about to head to Mountain View for lunch at Casa de Lupe (I hope, I have no idea if they are open or not). Then, I am going to head to Dana Street Cafe for some good old fashioned nostaligic mocha drinking, people watching and random computer stuff. I should be there between 1:30 and 3:30pm if you would like to stop by and say hello.

Then, it's off to pick up Thea from work, stay with Thea and Monte for a night, have sushi, play Silent Hill, see Wendy, go to Los Charros and take a walk... None of that is in order.

See ya!

Ah, yes...

Stuffed full of the best guac I've ever tasted...
Sipping the sweet liquid bliss of Dana Street iced mocha coffee...
Random discussions with strangers at the big table...
It is a good afternoon.

As much as I like Victor's in Redmond, I wish Dana Street Cafe was up north, too.