June 19th, 2005

I am not a number!


I've been tagged with this by britgeekgrrl

List 5 reasons why you are a GEEK. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud about how big of a GEEK you are! Then, pick the 5 biggest GEEKS you know and have them do the meme.

1. I still do 95% of my email in PINE because I don't need or want all that GUI html crap. Plus, I can telnet into my main email account from anywhere.

2. I am a huge gaming wonk. I played my first roleplaying game at the age of 12. This makes me an OFOG: An Old Fart of Gaming. There are other qualifications but you have to talk to dancingshaman for them. I write character histories, create character sound tracks and do all sorts of research for my darlings.

3. I am a sidekick character in a long running webcomic! I am particularly proud of this one. Andy, the creator of the Casey & Andy webcomic indulged me went I told him about the dream I had of being in his webcomic and added me. 3a. For extra geek points, I am also now a character in a roleplaying GURPS supplement based on the Casey & Andy webcomic.

4. I am a published author who, among other things, writes RPG reviews for two magazines: Black Gate and Games Elite and who is a contract writer for Sovereign Press contributing to Dragonlance sourcebooks doing fiction writing and world building.

5. I have had my own website called my "Electronic Vanity Plate" since 1994 which I hand code in notepad. I've never had a class on HTML. I simply started looking at other websites' source code in order to learn what I wanted to learn. I like knowing how HTML works. I'm sure if I took a class I could learn some other really neat things but, why bother? I know what I want to know and if I discover I need to learn another trick, I'll just go steal of from some other website.

Hmmm. I am calling out: fullcontactmuse, artistic_chaos, hansandersen, seidl and zunger. Speak up if you'd like to. Show us your Geek-Fu!