June 17th, 2005

Phantom Tell me more


I was reading my FriendsFriend page and ran across this post in theferrett's LJ. This is just so cerebrally hot, I think I need a cigarette. If you ever want to get my attention, play an intellectual game of mystery like this with me. It doesn't need to involve an expensive gift. Just a definite end goal.

News from CA...

Oh, wow. Recently, I pinged the listserv of all the old PlaceWare folks to let them know about me no longer working at MS and this is one of the emails I got back from a former co-worker who adopted one of the kittens I fostered named Morden. It really makes me feel good.

Hi Jennifer,

I am so... glad to hear from you. Congratulations on you new job. I hope that it will be fun and interesting. I also want to tell you that Morden (aka Spot, aka Spinky) turned to grow into a very affectionate cat, who is also very shy. He loves my older son Andrew and sometimes I think Morden even trying to talk to Andrew (in his cat's language :)). You should see them both lying on Anderws bed looking at each other and making faces, it hilarious. The best treat for Morden is a sunny day on the patio (under my supervision of cause: ), he will lay on his back and enjoy the sun, then go home and have his food and nap.

Thanks for such a wondeful cat you gave to us. Keep in touch